The Company

Global Zalmu was born from the expansion of Plásticos Zalmu (a company founded in 1958) . In its beginnings, its activity was focused on the transformation by injection of technical plastics, after these beginnings it incorporated design advice to its customers and other technologies in its products (wiring, PCB assemblies, assemblies) until today, in which it offers comprehensive solutions in design and manufacture of mechanical electrical-electronic systems and subsystems.

Global Zalmu has been expanding its business activity by manufacturing a wide variety of electrical and mechanical assemblies, which range from small electrical connections to complex industrial assemblies, or carrying out the assembly and soldering of printed circuit boards (PCB).

To meet customer needs, we offer the complete production process, from initial advice on the design of injection moulded parts to the different intermediate processes required to obtain the final product, including screen printing, thermo-stamping, ultrasonic welding, printed circuits, machining, wiring, etc.

The main sectors for which we carry out our activity are:

Aeronautics Transportation Electricity & Electronics
Sanitary Telephony Appliances
Automobile Packaging Elevators and Lifts
Signage Construction Agriculture

We currently have several facilities that allow us to keep the different production areas independent:

Our Job

Global Zalmu has a daily production day of 16 hours divided into two shifts, although this capacity can be extended if our clients require it. As reflected in our Quality Manual, we ensure our processes through a systematic monitoring of machine parameters, assembly certificates and the implementation of Self-Control and Inspection Guidelines, ensuring the quality and competitiveness of the company.

Plastic injection moulding

At Global Zalmu we have more than 50 years of experience in the world of plastics, through which we have evolved and implemented improvements in our machinery and technology to satisfy with the highest quality any production demand that our clients may have. To this end, we provide a comprehensive service based on:

  • Mould design
  • Technical advice
  • Optimisation of production
  • Injection moulding
  • Assembly or finishes such as chrome plating, gold plating, hot stamping, silk-screen printing...

Thanks to our team of machines and qualified personnel, we have the capacity to produce parts with inserts, stickers, drills, parts for chrome plating and even make assemblies on parts already injected.

We have 13 injection moulding machines working at full capacity for 16 hours of daily production, a human team supervising the operations and their parameters, and several robotic arms in charge of the extraction of the parts.

Our machines allow us to produce parts weighing up to 2,500 grams with a clamping capacity of between 45 and 800 tons

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Photographs of the Plastics Injection moulding workplace

All plastic injection moulding machines are of the Austrian-German brand Engel. The models are as follows:

ENGEL 50 Tn Victory 200/50.
ENGEL 45 Tn Victory 200/45. ENGEL 80 Tn Victory 330/80 phoenix.
ENGEL 90 Tn ES 330/90 HL.
ENGEL 120 Tn Victory 500/120. ENGEL 125 Tn ES 650/125 HL-V.
ENGEL 150 Tn ES 750/150 HLST.
ENGEL 220 Tn Victory 1050/220 SPEX. ENGEL 225 Tn ES 1000/225.
ENGEL 300 Tn Victory 1350/300 tech.
ENGEL 450 Tn DUO 2550/450 Pico. ENGEL 650 Tn DUO 3550/650 Pico.
ENGEL 800 Tn DUO 5550/800.

Thanks to the variety of machines, we can inject all types of plastics:

  • Polyamides with or without glass fibre.
  • High and low density polyethylene.
  • ABS.
  • Normal or anti-shock polystyrene.
  • Polycarbonate.
  • PVC.
  • More technical materials such as PEI, PEEK or POM.

Our complex production capacity and high compliance with customer requirements and standards enables us to produce parts for the aerospace, healthcare, telephone, automotive and elevator industries.

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Examples of parts injected at Global Zalmu S.L.

Industrial Wiring

Global Zalmu has acquired recognised experience in the manufacture of connections and different assemblies for the aeronautical sector and the elevator industry thanks mainly to its close collaboration with the leading companies in both sectors and to having the most advanced technology for their manufacture and verification.

Thanks to the specialised machinery at our disposal and the qualifications of our operators, Global Zalmu is capable of carrying out the following operations related to industrial wiring, among others:

  • Automatic processing of cables and hoses of any length and different cross-sections, including cutting, crimping, stripping, ultrasonic welding and engraving operations. The machinery used has programming capabilities, providing repeatability of operations.
  • Semi-automatic crimping and stripping.
  • Semi-automatic ultrasonic welding.
  • Marking and engraving of connectors and/or wiring.
  • Assembly of connections, being able to process highly complex items.
  • Assembly of electromechanical assemblies.
  • Electrical and/or electronic inspection of the assembled networks, thanks to the use of specific state-of-the-art machinery.
Ejemplos del proceso de cableado industrial en Global Zalmu S.L.
Examples of the industrial wiring process at Global Zalmu S.L.

In addition, we have a large warehouse integrated in the work centre where, together with the preparation of our staff and the necessary tools, we can carry out the assembly of the following components, among others:

  • Common, power and data cabling, with different cross-sections and colours. We have a wide variety of articles available to comply with the regulations of our customers, such as the specifications required for the aeronautical sector or the regulations for ships.
  • Common hose, power hose, data hose and shielded hose. As with cabling, we can meet the customer's needs by working with a wide variety of models, cross-sections and specifications.
  • Aerial connectors in various pitches and types: Wago, JST, Molex, Phoenix-Contact, Conexcon, etc.
  • Connectors for the assembly of electronic boards.
  • Terminals of different shapes and sizes: TE, JST, Cembre, Conexcon, etc.
  • Various electromechanical components for wiring harness assemblies. Among others, we have relays, terminal blocks, power switches, contactors, auxiliary devices, fuses, RC protective networks, coils, connection shielding material, etc.: Siemens, Wago, Finder, Phoenix Contact, Omron, etc.
Partial picture of the Industrial Wiring Centre

Global Zalmu manufactures its wiring according to the specifications provided by the client, specialising in the manufacture of large series, both of individual cables and of connections and sub-assemblies. All this thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the use of a high degree of automation in its manufacturing processes. To this end, in addition to the manual tools required at all times, we have the following automatic or semi-automatic machinery:

  • Zeta 633 and Komax Gamma 333 for cutting, stripping and crimping on single-pole flexible cables of various cross-sections and types.
  • Komax Kappa330 and Schleuniger PowerStrip 9550 for cutting and stripping multi-core hoses.
  • Schleuniger Jacket Stripper 8400 for stripping multi-core hoses.
  • Loimex cutter and Arnofuchs-Kabeltechnik stripping machine for flat hoses of different sizes.
  • Different hydraulic and pneumatic presses Tyco, AMP, Zoller-Fröhlich, TE, WDT, Komax, among others, for crimping different insulated and bare terminals.
  • Leibinger Jet printer for inkjet marking of air connectors.
  • Komax IMS-291 printers for inkjet marking of cables and hoses.
  • Schunk ultrasonic compaction station for cables of different cross-sections.
  • Branson 2032S ultrasonic compaction module for cables of different cross-sections.
  • Adaptronik NT, MKTest System and JET-300 PC connected test equipment for the verification of electrical continuity, open circuit, insulation, dielectric strength, presence of electrical and electronic components; as well as other custom built testers.
  • Schleuniger Pull Tester 25.
  • Numerous hand tools and tools for correct handling.
  • Hose processing equipment 1

  • Hose processing equipment 2

  • Connection test set 1

  • Connection test set 2

  • Connection test set 3

  • Cable processing machinery Komax Gamma 333

  • Cable processing machinery Komax Zeta 633

  • Crimp stress testing equipment

  • Ultrasonic welding equipment

Industrial Assemblies

At Global Zalmu we work with a high degree of coordination in order to combine our different productions to assemble and mount highly complex products. The following tasks are carried out at the Industrial Assemblies work centre:

  • Assembly of injected parts for the aeronautical sector.
  • Assembly of electromechanical assemblies for the elevator industry.
  • Processing of ground wires for the aeronautical sector.
  • Electrical and/or electronic inspection of assembled assemblies.

In order to be able to carry out the tasks carried out in this work centre, we have a team of people trained to carry out any plan, respecting the client's indications and using a wide variety of tools.

On the other hand, as in the other two work centres, this centre has its own warehouse with an enormous diversity of articles of common or specific use for assembly, such as screws, brackets or specific products requested by the client for assembly.

In addition, for the processing of aeronautical ground wire, Global Zalmu has a workstation with the necessary machinery to manufacture the articles, such as wire cutters or automatic crimpers for different terminals.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the test equipment in this work centre, which is used to test the connections of those assemblies that include wiring.

Ejemplos del proceso de cableado industrial en Global Zalmu S.L.
Cable processing machinery
Ejemplos del proceso de cableado industrial en Global Zalmu S.L.
Aeronautical ground ropes


Global Zalmu has a large main warehouse which allows us to store an enormous quantity of finished articles and raw materials necessary for production. Likewise, as mentioned above, each work centre has a smaller warehouse, reducing manufacturing times thanks to the physical stock present in each centre.

Similarly, it is worth highlighting the organisation of each work station, which is subject to a specific study for its organisation, facilitating the operator's task and reducing the manufacturing time of the processed articles.

We use the latest IT tools in order to coordinate the different warehouses and, thanks to our ERP, we are able to meet the deadlines demanded by the client, covering both their needs and our own.

For all these reasons, the quality of our service is remarkable, with total compliance with our commitments and deliveries.


Main warehouse image 1


Main warehouse image 2


Warehouse of the industrial assembly centre


Work site

Quality & Environment

Global Zalmu's objective is to maintain and improve the Quality of the Design and Development of its Manufacturing and, in general, of all its services, which has led to the establishment of a Quality and Environmental Management System, which allows the achievement of this objective and also serves to obtain clear and reliable evidence that demonstrates the Quality obtained, the perfect fulfilment of the service provided and the commitments acquired.

Global Zalmu is committed to ensuring the Quality requirements derived from contractual requirements or from the Quality Management System implemented in GLOBAL ZALMU. To this end, it has a team that, in the form of a Quality and Environment Committee, maintains the same spirit of action.

Global Zalmu has the necessary infrastructure for the execution of its Plastic Injection Moulding work. These activities are carried out through the use of suitable means, all of which are necessary for the correct development and execution of the organisation's own activity.

Over these years and thanks to the experience of its managers and the professionalism of its team, Global Zalmu guarantees a high level of quality in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard "Quality Management Systems. Requirements" and the specific standard UNE-EN 9100 "Requirements for aviation, space and defence organisations".

Global Zalmu, on the basis of continuous improvement, is aware of the growing sensitivity of our society to environmental and social problems, which is promoting an unprecedented change in the business world.

It is for this reason that the organisation has decided to add another dimension to the development of its activities, adding the Environment to the dimensions of customers, shareholders and employees, implementing an integral Environmental Management System in accordance with the reference standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001 "Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for its use".

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Logos of the quality certificates